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erotic massage

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Discussing present … full text



Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) have skyrocketed in Spain. They have grown a lot and in a very short time, and they have not increased by 25% or 50%, but by 1000%! A figure that seems impossible. But it’s real. These are official data, which appear in the epidemiological surveillance records. A study prepared by the women’s health platform Bloom has just put them on the table and has also investigated why, looking for the answer to these questions: what is it due to? What do women know about their sexual health? What experiences have those who have been infected experienced? and, above all, what are we doing wrong?, explains Andrea Aznar, editorial director of Bloom.

The project has the support of Dexeus Mujer and its objective is to warn about this problem and reinforce prevention, so we applaud the initiative!

According to this report, called ” Bloom Observatory: STIs in women in Spain “, STIs have increased especially among the youngest, since 50% of cases are diagnosed in children under 24 years of age. But they have also grown in those of 30, 40, 50 and those over 55 years of age.

Experts have been sounding the alarm for some time and ensure that the figure is even higher, especially among men,” because 50% of these infections are asymptomatic, so if controls are not carried out they can go unnoticed, and they go less to have revisions”, explains Dr. Álvaro Vives , head of the Sexually Transmitted Infections Unit of the Puigvert clinic, who has participated in the presentation of the Report.

In recent years, in addition, risk practices, the number of couples, and contacts to maintain relationships through applications have increased. This, added to the improvement in diagnostic tests and the fact that, in general, more people travel also explain the increase.

In addition, very little is said about STIs. Who has them or has suffered them, does not count. And those who have not had them do not even consider that they could become infected, nor are they aware of the health problems that they can cause. Because? Well, because since the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection can be treated, fear of contagion has been decreasing, and in parallel protection measures have been relaxing.

Another reason that explains the increase is the lack of sexual education. Bloom has carried out a survey of more than 2,000 women to find out their sexual habits, and the results speak for themselves: 70% admit that their sexual education has been deficient (regular, bad or very bad); one in three indicates that they have been pressured not to use condoms and a third affirm that, in addition, they tend to relax the … full text

I found out for you what’s wrong with masturbation and other things about sex and relationships

read about masturbation

Readers ask, VICE answers. This time you will read about masturbation and what are the reasons why you don’t feel like sex.

read about masturbation

Before you get down to business, don’t forget that every Thursday evening VICE sends you VICII & DELICII, a newsletter in which we aim to talk honestly about sex and drugs . If you haven’t already, subscribe to the newsletter here . At the same time, we await your curiosities on these topics, and we ask experts to answer you. You can write to us on Instagram.

The answers below were given by Bogdan Morar, clinical psychologist, psychotherapist and sexologist, but also creator of online content in the field of sex education.

When it comes to masturbation, go wild, but not in public

“What should be the process of masturbation for women, but also for men? And should it be otherwise than it is obvious?”

I notice that you used the word must twice . It must be a very interesting topic for you! The truth is that we don’t have to masturbate in a certain way, because there is no recipe for such a thing, so in that sense… you have a free hand (no pun intended).

You know, masturbation is great, a great way to get to know your body, figure out how it works and what buttons to push to generate waves of pleasure. And yet, it often feels like a taboo, even though everyone does it, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, or age. But if everyone does it, then why do we still shroud it in shame? Why do we still practice it in secret and why do we feel guilty afterwards? Look, maybe a must go here . We need to get rid of this toxic paradigm related to a completely natural and normal phenomenon. We must break free from the puritanical messages and beliefs about sex and pleasure that we have internalized.

Well, you would like to know what the masturbation process actually looks like, for both women and men. I repeat, there is no standard way, no particular technique of masturbation. Every man is different, and that means that masturbation styles also differ to some extent. But I can satisfy your curiosity by drawing some “helping lines”:

On the hygiene side , washing your hands before and after masturbation is something I strongly encourage. You don’t want to risk urinary infections or be the one who doesn’t wash their hands after a passionate session of self love.

Legally , masturbation is a private and personal activity. That means it’s your responsibility to make sure you do it in a private environment where you can be free. Public spaces are not … full text


sexual health

February 14, in addition to Valentine’s Day, is the European Sexual Health Day, although few people are aware of it. However, it is worth remembering, because sexually transmitted infections (STIs) continue to grow, and a lot, in our country. Especially among those under 25 years of age, but they have also increased in those of 30, 40 and 50 years. The reason? The risk is underestimated and protective measures are not taken.

However, contracting an STI and not treating and diagnosing it in time involves health risks. It can cause menstrual disorders, pelvic pain and affect the reproductive system and cause abortions or infertility problems. In the case of the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), it can generate lesions that favor the development of cancer. But most women believe that this issue does not concern them, since they do not know of cases in their environment or they believe that their friends have not been infected”, explains Dr. Antonella de Ponte, gynecologist at Dexeus Mujer. However, they are unaware that STIs do not always cause symptoms, and when they do exist, they are not always visible. In addition, infected people do not know it, or do not usually tell it and do not always inform their partners, especially if they are in sporadic relationships, which facilitates its transmission, ”she adds.

sexual healthFor this reason it is important to take preventive measures and carry out specific control checks, especially if we are in risky relationships or do not know if our partner may be infected. If you want to find out, consult your gynecologist, and if you have recently had a risky relationship and do not know if you may have been infected with an STI, at our center we offer a Visit Service in a maximum of 24 hours.

These are the most frequent, viral and non-viral:

non-viral STIs


It is caused by a bacterium. It is more common among women under 25 years of age. It affects the genital organs, the rectum and the throat. It is often asymptomatic. For this reason, in our center we offer to do a specific test to all young people who already have sexual relations when they come to visit each other. If left untreated, it can cause health problems and affect the reproductive system.

Symptoms. Some of its symptoms, if present, are: the need to urinate more frequently and a burning sensation when doing so, altered vaginal discharge, vaginal bleeding between menstrual cycles or after vaginal penetration, discomfort or pain during sexual intercourse, abdominal pain, low back pain and fever.

How can it be prevented and treated? The correct use of condoms is the only method that can help reduce its transmission. … full text

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party escorts

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Follow rules and have a good time: Ladies with brow lamination work under the umbrella of some guidelines and services and you will have to follow those rules for your sexy fun. And if you will follow all the guidelines and restrictions, then this is an assurance that you will be able to get the best enjoyable with cheap and sexy Ladies with permanent makeup. So, it is a great idea that you … full text